Birth City: South Bend. One of Buttigiegs top campaign officials, MICHAEL HALLE, is now a senior adviser at DOT. Eighteen days later, Pete announced that he was forming an exploratory committee to run for president. When asked about his political future, Buttigieg told Michigan reporters, as would be expected, Ive got more than enough to keep all of my energies occupied with the work of the Transportation Department.. Its been plenty of time, Beshear told reporters today. Pete Buttigieg's House. 'Park Place Conference Center' by Robert Schwartz, Okerstrom Fine Arts Building by TAC - The Architects Collaborative. Then she became an adviser to Cuomo, who had been riding high until he was brought down by accusations of inappropriate conduct with women accusations from one after another. Political analyst Larry Sabato told the Detriot News that Buttigieg has his eye . Buttigieg, who first found the national political spotlight as South Bend's mayor in Indiana, has moved to Traverse City, Chasten's hometown. You may wish to switch to the. The White House said it had asked Buttigieg to attend the DNC events. A member of the Democratic Party, he was the 32nd mayor of South Bend, Indiana from 2012 to 2020, which earned him the nickname "Mayor Pete". County records show an approximate value of $255,000 as of July 2020. Goddard Media LLC | Privacy Policy, Political Wire is a registered trademark of Goddard Media LLC, Army Suspends General After He Mocked Jill Biden, U.S. Military Tracking Another Mysterious Balloon, Shooter Had Entered U.S. The shortest way home for PETE BUTTIGIEG now is a flight to Michigan. Buttigieg: Both. It had been previously reported that Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who ran for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020, had purchased a home in northern Michigan with his husband, Chasten, who grew up in Traverse City. He didnt have insurance. When Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel quipped, I certainly hope that you like college football, Buttigieg replied that he was delighted to call Michigan home, but college football loyalties might be where I have to draw the line.. Money helps you learn how, Pete Buttigieg Lives Near His Mother, Anne Montgomery. Buttigieg: I would have fought for inclusion, arts education, and teachers and kids. TEXT US Are you LYNDA TRAN, the director of public engagement and senior advisor at DOT? He worked a variety of jobs, at Eddie Bauer, a gay bar and a childrens theater. And by now, they should be telling us that its going to be rescinded. Missed whats going on? True to his consultant background, Buttigieg created a spreadsheet to run the numbers. Please log in if you don't want to post That provided him with more than $400,000 in pretax earnings, according to our estimates. But that one was special. Buttigieg was working for the consulting firm McKinsey & Company at the time he started looking to buy a home in South Bend. By the time he was in his mid-20s, Chasten owed roughly $100,000. But lo and behold, Peters campaign started selling out events across the country, too.. Seeing thousands of people supporting inclusion, diversity and visibility was incredible. Instead of costing Buttigieg money, the presidential run helped him earn gobs of it. Joe Biden got in touch shortly after the election. None of Chastens family members had ever graduated from college. He could run for governor or U.S. senator in a state where Democrats can win those offices. Buttigieg: My coming out to my family consisted of handing them a letter and walking out the door. Contact Todd Spangler: In 2011, while campaigning, he earned just $7,000. GET READY FOR GLOBAL TECH DAY: Join POLITICO Live as we launch our first Global Tech Day alongside London Tech Week on Thursday, June 15. Another 20 days after that, his memoir, Shortest Way Home, hit the shelves. As he explained in his book, the neighborhood runs along the St. Joseph River. Pete Buttigiegs move to Michigan prompts speculation about possible future political opportunities. Both Midwesterners, they grew up in different circumstances. He eventually enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, where he switched his focus from nursing to theater. According to his federal tax returns, which he released during the Democratic primary campaign, his adjusted gross income in 2007 was $80,397. From that point on, he gradually pieced together a life as a drama teacher and, later, as the spouse of former presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg. By Clark Miller | Aug. 29, 2020. Buttigieg is also now caught in a cycle of finger-pointing. I have family here and Peter has fallen in love with Northern Michigan. The unfinished basement has about 1,200 square feet. But he gave it a shot anyway, starting at a community college, where he began taking on student loans. with this post, location or person. Still, from an investment perspective, running didnt make much sense: Even if he won, his new job wouldnt pay as much as his old one. Growing up gay, confused, and harassed in Traverse City, Chasten Glezman left home, worked odd jobs, and some nights slept in his car. We found a lake house. There were times when people try to get you riled up and say something about another candidate. Last year's bipartisan infrastructure law included $968.6 million to be allocated to 85 airports across the country. It was unsafe. Petes parents both worked at Notre Dame. The couple recently moved from their historic South Bend, Indiana home, where Pete served as mayor from 2012-2020. On June 22, 600 workers at the second-largest aluminum mill in America, accounting for 20 percent of U.S. supply, learned they were losing their jobs because the plant cant afford an electricity tab thats tripled in a matter of months, they report. Express: Your book shows some painful but also many joyful moments. Buttigieg has embraced the administrations focus on equity and has made an effort to build more bridges with Black communities an effort where the administrations priorities also overlap with a political liability for Buttigieg. Over 1,400 flights were canceled over the July 4th weekend, according to the flight tracking website FlightAware. The propertys estimated value has risen since Buttigieg purchased it. | The PACs executive director organized a campaign reunion with Buttigieg and former staffers in March at metrobar in Washington. The hard-charging, rough-talking Smith is credited with convincing Buttigieg to take on every possible media interview, even with Fox News, and thus display his extraordinary message skills. Express: How do you envision your life as first gentleman if Pete had stayed in the race, got the nomination, and then won the election? No one had painted most of the wood inside, including paneling in the hall. According to NPD BookScan, Buttigieg ended up selling more than 90,000 copies of Shortest Way Home. U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his husband Chasten, who are Traverse City home owners, spent Halloween in the hospital. But were still part of the change, and Im convinced that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will build a terrific administration. 17ms. Birth Country: United States. For me, that meant sudden urgency around a question that had lingered unanswered for all of adulthood: how to reconcile my professional life with the fact that I am gay.. In July, the Buttigiegs bought a lakeside vacation home in Traverse City, Michigan, for $415,000, taking out a $332,000 mortgage in the process. And well keep you anonymous if youd like. By Associated Press | January 17, 2023 at 1:29 p.m. [laughs] I didnt go out there with policy guns blazing. The bill for the one-night stay came to $12,000, adding to his debt load. More: Whitmer, Buttigieg open to state and federal gas tax relief, More: Pete Buttigieg, husband Chasten announce birth of twins with sweet photo. Buttigieg: It was a simple fact that you couldnt be out. I was never political. Buttigieg had purchased a home in northern Michigan with his husband, Chasten, who grew up in Traverse City. Before Chasten responded, Pete cut in, You need to let me help you., Help came in the form ofwhat else?a spreadsheet. Growing up gay, confused, and harassed in Traverse City, Chasten Glezman left home, worked odd jobs, and some nights slept in his car. Express: And for those who arent willing to put in the work to break down their prejudices? From the outset, business was part of the calculation. We could make it work, as long as we were very conservative, his husband, Chasten, later explained in a memoir. The couple has relied on help from Chasten's parents, who reside in Michigan, the transportation secretary said. Use of and/or registration on any portion of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 4/4/2023), Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your Privacy Choices and Rights (updated 1/26/2023). And that was only if he won, which he did not, leaving Buttigieg without much income, other than the $400 or so he earned as a Navy reservist every month. Small-Business Programs Future Is Clouded by Congressional Fight (WSJs Kate OKeeffe), FAA to give airports $1 billion for terminals and upgrades (AP), President Biden Is Not Cutting the Mustard (The American Prospects Ryan Cooper). Jack Colwell is a columnist for The Tribune. Those stories resonated with people. Microsoft has removed the Birds Eye imagery for this map. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. The Secretary attended the event in his personal capacity, a Department of Transportation (DOT) spokesperson said. Buttigieg has had at least one of his own flights canceled. Something about exposure to danger impresses upon you that a life is not only fragile but single, with one beginning and one end, he explained in his memoir. Buttigieg: I spoke there. I love my family. Three months later, they were already talking to their families about the possibility of Pete running for president. It sold more than 20,000 copies, according to NPD BookScan. So much of politics is removed from peoples actual lives. We can eat dinner together, walk the dogs, lead regular lives again. They worry the administrations support of the Federal Reserves work could actually backfire and halt economic growth, our BEN WHITE reports. The Buttigiegs also rent a home in Washington, D.C. Representatives of the transportation secretary did not respond to multiple requests for comment. At times, however, Buttigiegs eye on the future has created complications for his day job. Express: Youve said that event meant a lot to you. He deals with allocation of a trillion dollars for infrastructure improvements and the nations many transportation problems. Express: Theres a rumor youve bought a house here. SOUTH BEND Pete Buttigieg, the newly minted Secretary of Transportation, and his husband, Chasten, are selling their South Bend home to the leader of a local community theater company . Max Tani is a White House reporter with Politico. DONT MISS THE POLITICO ENERGY SUMMIT: A new world energy order is emerging and Americas place in it is at a critical juncture. "Its almost the ritual in American conversation. We ended the campaign and two weeks later we were in quarantine. As he explained in his memoir Shortest Way Home, Buttigieg first toured the North Shore Drive property in 2008 and recognized that it needed extensive repairs. *EYES EMOJI*: VP KAMALA HARRIS is sitting down with CBS News ROBERT COSTA tomorrow that will air on tomorrows CBS Evening News and Sunday on Face the Nation. "Moving to Chasten's hometown of Traverse City allowed them to be closer to his parents, which became especially important to them after they adopted their twins, often relying on Chasten's parents for help with child care," the person said. 2023 Advance Local Media LLC. My star had risen as well.. But the move also has another significant benefit. However, the move has promptedspeculation that Pete Buttigieg, who unsuccessfully sought the Democratic nomination for president in 2020, could one day campaign for political office in Michigan. Buttigieg:I wasnt interested in a faade. He wrote that for six months, he watched as the price was lowered by a few thousand dollars each month as the bank that had foreclosed on it grew more realistic.. He also helped me come up with a budget so that I could manage my finances while still paying off the debt. Pete paid for most of the expenses, but when they went to the grocery store, Chasten sometimes acted like he could cover the bill, crossing his fingers that his credit card wouldnt be declined. As part of the new program, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport will receive $49.6 million for projects to make bathrooms more accessible and energy efficient, replace old baggage claim belts and upgrade passenger boarding bridges. Eventually, social media helped make Chasten a star, too, which led to even more money. Express: You were a big hit on the campaign trail with Pete. He will be registered to vote in Michigan and thus be eligible to run for office there. In March, once the Buttigiegs were comfortable in D.C., they sold their home in South Bend, giving them one more windfall. Aside from paying taxes and covering living expenses, they also had to pick up things like Chastens airfare for a portion of the campaign, part of an effort to steer clear of ethics concerns. "Pete Buttigieg has proven himself incapable of solving Americas supply chain crisis," said Preya Samsundar, spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee. Despite the extra effort, he still took a pay cut while overseas, earning $46,000 in 2014. REGSITER HERE. If thats what he was doing, hed be running a shit shadow campaign, HARI SEVUGAN, Buttigiegs former deputy campaign manager, told West Wing Playbook. Buttigieg: Sometimes I felt that everyone was watching, just hoping Id mess up. Before graduation, though, he realized that he had forgotten to make up an exam he missed while visiting his cancer-stricken mom, leaving him barely short of a diploma. Unfortunately, West Wing Playbook dispatched its shorter author to observe the ceremony, but your favorite daily White House newsletter was still able to spot several Cabinet secretaries in attendance, including Secretary of Health and Human Services XAVIER BECERRA, Labor Secretary MARTY WALSH, and Secretary of Education MIGUEL CARDONA. In 2008, it went up to $122,680. Buttigieg: Well, theater gave me some stage presence and improv gave me the skill to think on my feet. With help from Allie Bice. A CALL OUT Think you have a more difficult trivia question? Michigan airports will receive about $61.8 million of the total. We felt betrayed and misled., She explains: Its not like I was totally blind to the fact that political figures could lie or let me down. Buttigieg: Its crazy to think that its not our immediate world anymore. At McKinsey, Buttigieg made good money, about $150,000 a year, working with clients that included a Canadian grocer, Best Buy, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and the U.S. By signing up you agree to allow POLITICO to collect your user information and use it to better recommend content to you, send you email newsletters or updates from POLITICO, and share insights based on aggregated user information. I told my coming out story and spoke about my moms battle with cancer. Birth Year: 1982. TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. - The United States Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, has officially changed his residency from Indiana to our mitten state, where he plans to vote this fall. You craft a stump speech and basically give it over and over. Those plans were put on hold after the Supreme Courts ruling that overturned Roe and the White House has been no-commenting ever since. Express: After a while, you started making appearances without Pete. Postal Service. Photo: US Federal Government, Before Pete Buttigieg announced he was running for president, he needed to do some math. Theyre tired of the show, tired of the b.s. Sometimes, it felt like a matter of life and death. Buttigieg: A campaign moves fast. Subscribe to TIME Get closer to the world of entertainment and celebrity news as TIME gives you access and insight on the people who make what you watch, read and share. WHAT THE WHITE HOUSE WANTS YOU TO READ: This statistic from GasBuddy that 2,535 stations across the country had prices of $3.99 a gallon or less on Thursday, according to analyst PATRICK DE HAAN. The move puts them closer to Chasten Buttigiegs parents, who have helped look after their young children. Quintanilla wrote: Keep an eye out for ALL the headlines about sub-$4 gasoline. When Buttigieg visited New York in March, he stopped by the Transit Tech Career and Technical High School in Brooklyn, but did not alert or allow members of the transit press corps to attend. Send tips | Subscribe here | Email Alex | Email Max. In September, Pete became a podcast host. The porch was in near-collapse; some of the small columns holding up the second-floor veranda were split in two, yet somehow still in place. The Buttigiegs allowed a camera crew from TIME inside their home during the primary campaign. He decided to mount a campaign for Indiana state treasurer, going against a Republican who had made a name for himself by challenging Barack Obamas auto industry bailout. Ex-mayor of South Bend and current Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is quietly moving his home and his voter registration from Indiana to Michigan, which could help him achieve higher . Northern Express interviewed Chasten Buttigieg about the campaign, what hes doing these days, and what it was like to grow up gay in 1990s Traverse City. Available two-bedrooms in the . "What's great for me is meeting so many . From the blockchain, to AI, and autonomous vehicles, technology is changing how power is exercised around the world, so who will write the rules? REGISTER HERE. ALL IN THE MESSAGING: Many progressives, including some within the Biden administration, are frustrated with the presidents laser focus messaging war on inflation. Regardless of his motivations, Buttigieg and his allies have made a number of moves that better position the secretary for his political future. In the final days of June, for example, he traveled to Birmingham, Ala., to announce a $1 billion pilot program intended to reconnect communities and funded from the bipartisan infrastructure law. Buttigieg added that he informed the . U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who bought a house in the Traverse City area two years ago, is planning to vote in the midterm elections in the statethis year, a spokespersonconfirmed for the Free Press on Friday. Any Indiana stepping stone would be very slippery, if Buttigieg still lived here. Here's How Much Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Is Worth, Here's How Much HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra Is Worth, Inside The $10 Million Fortune Of Antony Blinken, Biden's Secretary Of State, Heres How Much Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Is Worth, Heres How Much HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra Is Worth, Inside The $10 Million Fortune Of Antony Blinken, Bidens Secretary Of State, Heres How Much Secretary Of Defense Lloyd Austin Is Worth, Heres How Much Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm Is Worth, Heres How Much Secretary Of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas Is Worth, Heres How Much HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge Is Worth, Heres How Much Labor Secretary Marty Walsh Is Worth, Heres How Much Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo Is Worth. GRAND RAPIDS, MI When U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg married his husband, Michigan-born Chasten Buttigieg, he said he also married into the state. 2023 SOUTH BEND, Ind. Buttigieg could run for mayor of Traverse City and once again be known as Mayor Pete. Lets rule that one out. He started considering a run for mayor of his hometown, knowing that mounting a second bid for office would come with consequences. Rep. Terri Sewell (D-Ala.) appeared with Buttigieg, and the pair had shrimp and grits and chicken and waffles with him afterward. Buttigiegs move was for family reasons, specifically, his husbands family, a Department of Transportation spokesperson said. When residents of this city's impoverished West Side reflect on Pete Buttigieg's two terms as mayor, a few things come to mind: A spike in violent crime, development that . Pride Source previously reported that the couple bought a vacation home in Traverse City in 2020. st elsewhere guest stars, alien fresh jerky owner,
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