In this article, Im going to share with you my experience using a Piscifun spinning reel, how it compared to the competitionand what makes Piscifun different. The Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel was made to rival popular models like the Diawa Fuego and Shimano SLX or Curado. It meets our criteria for a quality spinning reel, and at less than half the cost of most of the competition. This equals a remarkably smooth reel for the cost when it comes to your retrieval. Recently I've snapped two of them on the body between the grip and main reel body (both newest ones I own and presidents) Both of these were panfishing while fighting fish. The Shimano Sienna is a reliable reel at a great cost. 9 reviews for PISCIFUN, 4.8 stars: 'One word to describe PisciFun would be stupendous! The bail spring flipped smoothly (although I always flip with my hand anyway). While size 1000 reels may be ideal for crappie, the C-20 is our favorite size for this reel. This goes double when you're purchasing a lower cost, value reel like the units listed here. The Penn Battle II is my current surf casting reel. An Homage To The Stumpknocker Fish (Spotted Sunfish), How To Crappie Fish From The Bank (What To Look For & Tips! Due to this reason, baitcasting reels require high skills and experience. However, an ultra-sensitive reel will allow you to differentiate between rocks, sticks, and fish strikes when youre around heavy cover. Check out the Piscifun Carbon X,I have both a 1000 & 2000 size. Moreover, you will also feel some fatigue when sticking with these options. Depending upon the dealer, the prices can vary by a significant margin, but usually, both of these reels end up around the same 50-dollar price range. The final performance of your fishing system doesnt only depend upon the reel. Whether or not this is worth it is dependant on the angler and their budget. Penn has built this model reel with a full metal body and side plate making it dam tough. It has exceeded my expectations and to be totally honest with you, Id be totally fine having a front deck full of these reels. The Penn Battle III is the latest and greatest addition to one of Penns most popular reel series that offers excellent ergonomics, aesthetics, and lifespan for the price point. With eight ball bearings, a corrosion-resistant design, and a multi-disc drag system, this reel has all the features and performance you need to hammer your local crappie population. The Battle II is built with a 6:2:1 gear ratio so it features faster than average line pickup. reel accepts braid well (no issues with the line roller) and the spool even has capacity rings that mark when its is 1/3 and 2/3 filled. This is especially true if youre a beginner and dont plan on spending too much money on your first system. The CNC hollow cut braid ready spool further reduces weight while also enabling easier line loading. If you want to buy a budget reel, its always wise to buy a low-end model from a high-end brand rather than a high-end model from a low-end brand makes sense right? The duo behind the company, Peter and Ben, are passionate about fishing, while one boasts many years of experience designing and manufacturing fishing gear. Silky Smooth - You will be amazed at the incredible smoothness of the Carbon X, the 10+1 . Find more Penn Battle III information and reviews here. As with the others, the best spinning reel models for crappie fishing are the C-10 and C-20. This. The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Necessary". Lightweight and sensitive carbon fiber reels used to be very expensive and only fished by professional anglers. This page contains affiliate links. The gear ratio is 5:6:1 so this model has a bit faster line pick-up than the Sienna. For this price point, I dont think youll find a better deal. Powered by. (plus, im a sucker for matte black reelsthey remind me of Darth Vader, ha!). There is a lot to like about both of them, hopefully this vid. I love this reel for saltwater fishing, Ive beaten on mine HARD and caught countless fish its no doubt one of the best value spinning reels for durability and smoothness! GTN-NY Members 794 Location Western NY My PB: Between 5-6 lbs Favorite Bass: Largemouth & Smallmouth Favorite Lake or River Finger Lakes Although its so light, it also feels really sturdy while fishing. This reel is more expensive than the Pflueger President but has excellent styling and performance. The Pflueger President is a true fisherman's reel with specs that far outweigh its affordable price and its 7-ounce ultralight weight. Increasing from the 1000 series up to the 3000 series, the max drag incrementally increases from 9 to 15 pounds, so you can select the reel size that precisely matches the level of stopping power youre seeking. The drag power of the 1000, 2000 and 2500 reel sizes is 7 pounds across the board. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Not exactly a super "budget" reel, but one of the best value options on the market! The customer-driven company designs and produces some of the best fishing reels in the market by consulting with professional anglers worldwide to create reels that meet angler needs. So, if youre looking for a reel that will last you for several years, then going with Carbon X is the better choice. This doesnt mean the Centron wont be a nice match for some setups, youll just have to try and see. Im seriously considering buying a few more because theyre that good. The 5:6:1 gear ratio picks up line quite rapidly and six ball bearings make the retrieve smooth and fluid. The Okuma Ceymar is one of the best-looking spinning reels on the market. Piscifun reel design and drag system feature the same premium-quality gear applied in reels used by pro anglers. Ive fished reels in the same price range and they feel more or less the same as the Sienna, but they dont have a comparable lifespan. If youre looking to try a new brand or shopping for a new reel (you earned it! The resultant lower circulation costs enable the company to compete favorably with top-of-the-line brands by selling quality, low-priced products. The 2000 size class has 12 pounds of drag while the 3000 has 13 not too shabby. Unit price / per . Heres another great value reel from Penn thats quite comparable to the Battle II & III. In nearly any hobby or sports industry, you will find equipment manufacturers that offer products ranging from the low end and cheap, to extremely expensive and even luxury. The Piscifun Carbon X Spinning Reel may not be a household name yet, but it offers almost identical performance as many reels twice its price point. This reel has a 5:0:1 gear ratio and employs Shimanos Super Stopper II anti-reverse. Things like better quality control at the factory and higher quality base materials really come into play when youre talking about budget gear. They will have a better idea of your fishing conditions and requirements. The Piscifun Platte Fly Fishing Reel is a quality machined aluminum reel at a very good price point. And what makes them different than the competition? Piscifun means fishing fun, and the firm strives to make fishing fun and affordable. This popular reel features a powerful 18 lb (8 kg) carbon fiber drag capable of handling big fish in heavy cover, plus it has high speed 7.1:1 gear ratios ideal for heavy flipping and punching when you need to get that bass out FAST! The angling context, target species, and fisherman wielding the reel are all worth pondering before purchasing. You can use lighter 5lb and 6lb line weights when fishing in open water. No, of course notbut it costs less than a dozen wild shiners, ha! Although I stick with Pflueger or Daiwa in that price range, I wouldn't feel bad buying the Carbon X because it'll probably be reliable. Multiple Retrieves- The Piscifun Carbon X II features a lightning fast 6.2:1 gear ratio as well as a buttery smooth 5.2:1 . The Carbon X reel is simply enjoyable because its as light as a feather and extremely sensitive. So, if youre not that sold on the idea of spending a few more bucks on the Carbon X, going with the President wont be a bad option for you. A complete carbon fiber frame on the Piscifun Carbon X takes ultralight angling to new depths. Our team tested dozens of spinning reels and identified five reels that performed significantly better than the rest. Recently I picked up 4 Piscifun Carbon X reels in size 2000 and I feel they're really a nicer reel than the president for less money. Everything you want in a nice spinning reel is included here, no doubt a solid value option from Diawa! . As a general rule, you want to use a line thats as light as possible. After a few fishing trips to Headwaters Lake, I was very impressed with the quality and performance. This is significantly less powerful than the Battle II so if youre up against some particularly strong species of freshwater fish, youre better off sticking with a reel option with more stopping power. Here is a comparison between two of the newest inline reels for the 2021-22 ice fishing season. The following details regarding the Piscifun Carbon X vs Pflueger President will help you further solidify the purchase decision. The retrieval on the Sedona is pretty dam sexy. Find more Piscifun Viper X information and reviews here. While its hard to beat the Pflueger President, this reel feels lighter in your hand. The reel body or housing is built from super lightweight graphite which we have mixed feelings about. For more versatility, see our guide to the best reels for panfish. Before discussing specific reels, let's review some fundamental qualities to keep in mind. If youre willing to spend just a tad more money than the most budget options worth buying, then you can count on owning this piece of hardware for many years to come. This mid-priced fish reel boasts a robust but lightweight anodized 6061 T6 aluminum frame plus a fully sealed drag system. So, be sure to test that out first. And Im not one to tell any fisherman or angler what equipment they need, because it really boils down to personal preference and budget. Piscifun Carbon X II Spinning Reels, Light to 5.5oz, Upgrade Carbon Frame Rotor, 22LBs Max Drag, 10+1 Shielded BB, 6.2:1/5.2:1, Smooth Powerful Freshwater Saltwater Spinning . The drag system is also quite precise and is easily adjusted up to a maximum of nine pounds. There are some reported issues with quality control regarding the reel internals, but thats to be expected with any budget fishing equipment just be sure to carefully inspect and test this unit right out of the box to avoid any faulty parts or components. Most of the time, you will be happy to stick with the Carbon X over the President as it offers more value on a cheaper price tag. Similarly, if youre sticking with heavier presentations, then going with Carbon X will yield better results. 5+1 sealed stainless steel ball bearing system with CNC gear technology, Silky smooth retrieve and rapid line pickup, 7 or 10 corrosion resistant stainless steel ball bearings, Slow oscillation gearing improves line lay and minimizes line twist, High strength graphite body, rotor and side cover paired with an aluminum spool makes this reel impressively light (the 3000 is just 8.6 ounces), Double shielded 10+1 stainless steel bearings generate an impressively smooth feel and retrieve for the cost, CNC hollow cut braid ready spool reduces weight and enables easier line loading, Graphite frame paired with an aluminum spool and bail make this an ultralight option, 7 ball bearings and one roller bearing generate some remarkable operating smoothness for the cost, Super affordable option including a 1 year warranty makes this a wonderful entry-level reel, Corrosion resistant graphite body and rotor, 7 ball bearing design is impressively smooth for the cost, High tensile strength graphite frame and CNC machined aluminum spool are lightweight and resist corrosion, 9 ball bearings generate impressive smoothness at this price point, Great budget friendly option from trusted outfitter, Penn, All metal housing for great longterm durability, Marks on the spool that indicate where your line capacity is at, 4 rather than 5 stainless steel ball bearings typical of Penn's higher end reels, Ergonomic handle and bail have a great feel - this reel certainly sets itself apart from the 'cheapo' competition, A bit on the heavy side (2000 series is 9.8 ounces). Watertight design and extra powerful drag system makes this a great saltwater option as well! The content guys at Wired2fish all started calling each other when we unboxed these reels none of us could believe how lightweight they were. While you're shopping for a new spinning reel, think about what other items in your gear locker might need an upgrade. Spinning Reel Feather Light - The Carbon X is meticulously crafted with an all carbon fiber body, rotor and side plate making it one of the lightest in its class, weighing in at a mere 5.1 oz. The Piscifun Carbon X is an innovative and affordable fishing reel. 3000. The 10 . Shimano is a trusted brand name and industry leader when it comes to the best spinning reels, and thats reflected in the longevity of their equipment. It's important to take proper care of your spinning reel if you want it to last through many seasons of fishing. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. You are given the option to unsubscribe at any time. Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. Theres furthermore a one year warranty on this product so you can purchase in confidence. The Siennas fish fine, but if your budget can afford a Sedona, youll be thrilled with the difference in quality. . The reel housing, rotor and side plate of the Carbon X are all built from ultra-light carbon fiber making this reel exceptionally lightweight. Heres another killer value reel from Okuma thats a slight upgrade from the Avenger. I'm looking for something more refined and I've been playing with . Our list of the best value spinning reels for freshwater fishing has tracked down the top affordable options worth gifting and adding to your own gear locker! The smooth cast and the quick retrieve features further add to the value, and you will get a robust drag that can max out all 33 lbs. There is no debate that a ton of anglers have mentioned amazing things about the Pflueger President. You have to account for the weight of the line and the rod, along with other factors. Quantity: Add to cart -14% . 5 offers from $69.99. The little Piscifun Carbon X looks appealing, interested in other recommendations in the Kastking and Piscifun line . There are seven ball bearings and one roller bearing making this an impressively smooth reel for the cost. With 10+1 shielded stainless steel ball bearings, everything on this reel moves and functions with impressive smoothness. When looking for the best crappie reel, versatility is an essential factor. Pflueger Supreme. Selecting a spinning reel can be hard. A bulletproof reel with surprisingly smooth performance, the Penn Battle II is a best-value winner when it comes to both salt and freshwater spinning reels! These cookies track visitors across websites and collect information to provide customized ads. Hopefully, you will not feel the need to switch to any other reel after making use of this option. So, the casting smoothness wont be that different when youre using lighter presentations. wood county fairgrounds storage, is sea bass farmed in turkey safe to eat,
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